Goodwill Elektro Controls

Goodwill Elektro Controls was established in the year 1974 and passed through a long journey of 44 years and is a pioneer name in the field of electrical trading in Ludhiana and Punjab. The vision of making a successful trading house has become a leading & most renowned name among all leading trading houses of Ludhiana, and the whole credit of this successful and remarkable journey goes to the dedication & hard work of Mr.Tarlok Singh Chhabra who has taken the Goodwill to all the highs and created a niche for itself. Having the renowned brands under their dealerships like SIEMENS, ABB, GE, ALSTHOM, ECKO, HAVELLS, CRYSTAL, NEPTUNE DUCATI, DOWELLS ETC., its their fair dealing and dedication that they are associated with all these nationally and internationally acclaimed companies. Their dealing have earned them the reputation of a farsighted acumen in the market. Price, Quality and after sale services are a few of the success traits that comes first at "Goodwill", Customer Satisfaction is their motto and fair dealing is their strength, which makes them different from others and keeps them above all. According to its visionary- Mr.Tarlok Singh Chhabra assisted by his Sons Mr. JPS Chhabra & Mr. IPS Chhabra they don't sell but deal, none of their customer is treated as one time customer and none of their product is being undersold, none of their client is unhappy and none of their product is of low performance, and that makes them as "GOOD" as "GOODWILL".

The Team

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Goodwill Elektro controls was founded by Tarlok Singh Chhabra as a small trading company in 1974 consisting a handful of employees to today have grown into a large firm around 40 employees. Goodwill Elektro Controls has been significantly present in the industry for over 4 decades.

Our Visions

According to its visionary- We don’t sell but deal. None of our customer is treated as one time customer nor do we disappoint our clients and none of their product is of low performance, and that makes them as “GOOD” as “GOODWILL”.

Our Values

Our Culture

Goodwill Elektro Controls prides itself on being an inclusive and supportive environment both for our employees as well as for the community at large. There are workshops held every year by our collaborators where we send our employees to learn and socialize away from the workplace. We also recognize the importance of engaging with the local community by serving food every other festival as a gesture of equality and charity. We are also sensitive to the concerns and causes to our employees. We provide perks to our employees in the form of security.

  • Ruby chhabra ( head of industrial sale)
  • Mainly concentrating on switch gear motors, wires , cables and other electrical equipment.
  • Happy chhabra ( head of retail sale )
  • Mainly concentrating on retail sales of motors, wires, cables and other electrical equipment.
  • Bobby chhabra (lubricant sale )
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